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Every year we get the same scam

Somebody has a problem with the Ellensburg Rodeo and Kittitas County Fair. Every year he (she?) sends a similar “notice of cancellation” of the Ellensburg Rodeo and Fair with some goofy excuse. Every year it’s not true. It’s not true … Continue reading

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Visiting Bertha (Many Photos)

One of the perks of the State Rep gig is that I get some cool tours. I’ve been inside pontoons on the 520 bridge, an aircraft carrier, Sound Transit tunnel construction, and last week the orifice the Bertha is creating. … Continue reading

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Ross and Cyrus Raising funds for Fred Hutch

Rep. Cyrus Habib and I are riding in Obliteride August 9th and 10th to raise money for the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center and the work they do to solve the problem of cancer. We’d love your support of the cause. … Continue reading

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Fail: Congress Working on Toxics Policy

With the exception of education policy, there’s probably no other issue where states’ rights are paramount than when it comes to the health of its residents. Congress is currently considering a bill that would have devastating consequences to public health … Continue reading

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Other Opinions on Common Core Standards

It’s not just me disagreeing with the people who want to get rid of the Common Core State Standards, it’s a host of thoughtful people. My favorite so far is from David Brooks, the conservative columnist from the New York … Continue reading

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I made some remarks at the Bellevue Rotary yesterday that seem to have been misinterpreted by some people, so I’m clarifying: Passing a transportation package this session is incredibly important for the Puget Sound region. I support a well-designed package. … Continue reading

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Cool data about net income migration

This is an interesting view of how income has migrated in the last decade – lots of high wage people moving to Washington state. The rankings are aggregate,  so it might be interesting to see what the per-capita impact of … Continue reading

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Redmond Derby Days

Everybody loves a parade! The Redmond parade is nice – there’s lots of floats, it’s short, the weather is usually good, and it’s well organized. My favorite part of parades is wandering around as everyone is set up waiting for … Continue reading

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Education wins in final budget

A week has passed since the end of the second (and final) special session this year and I’ve finally put socks and shoes on and shaved. This was an exhausting exercise as the Senate Republicans figured out how they were … Continue reading

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Internship Opportunities!

I just got this mail from the Governor’s office and I’m hoping my thousands of loyal blog readers will pass this on to interested college and graduate students. The Governor’s Leadership Academy is a unique internship program for college and … Continue reading

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